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Some Valerie

Another drawing, pose/anatomy practice

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New Layout

New and improved blog layout, banner is only temporary, gonna update that soon :D

in the meantime, been practicing anatomy a bit and tweaking designs...

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Sketch + update

Here's a random sketch of Val I did just to see if I've improved much. Just so you know I'm gradually working on a better layout. I'll update with more character profiles later. Toodles.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Character introductions - Max

Woohoo, I finally updated! Whee! Well school started, so I had homework to do, as well as getting addicted to various video games, that sort of thing tends to hold you off. Anyway, I finally wrote up Max's profile, which took me longer than I thought it would, so you better enjoy it :P (Remember to click the pictures for a full and clear view of them)

Full name: Maximilian “Max” Carnigan
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Species/Race: Werewolf of the Earth element
Place of birth: Empor city
Max is a werewolf who was born in Empor; the city full of people who not only know about werewolves and how to identify them, but also shun and actively hunt them. Max had a werewolf mother who taught him to always keep exploring so he could discover better things in life outside the concrete walls of Empor, and a father who wanted to keep them both locked away in fear of being arrested for supporting werewolves. Once Max’s mother died, Max had no choice but to live by his father’s way. His father never gave him the attention or the support given to him by his mother, leaving Max craving socialization and terribly missing his mother. Max quickly developed a fear of loneliness and abandonment, but still managed to remember what his mother taught him and never gave up hope.

After his father finally abandoned him, he left Empor and wandered the woods by himself until he met Val, eventually joining her pack along with Vincent. Val’s love of exploring and unwillingness to give up on anything reminded Max of his mother and intrigued him greatly, and they became fast friends. He also looked up to Vincent and saw him as an older brother, or perhaps the father figure he wishes he had instead of his real father. The fact that he found others like him who accepted him for who he was only proved his mother right in his mind. He felt the need to share his optimistic philosophy with the new friends he met, and still likes opening others up to new things.

His friendly and cheerful demeanor as well as his strong sense of humor earned him a few human friends, but he always places his werewolf pack above anyone else. He can be cautious, particularly of heights which he has a fear of, but still generally enthusiastic and willing to go along with most of his friends’ ideas.

His fear of loneliness shows when he tends to get a little clingy and practically begs for attention; luckily he has dedicated enough friends. He can be a little childish and at times makes jokes when not appropriate. Sometimes his optimism reaches the point of naivety or being too trusting, which can leave him disappointed, but he always manages to bounce back in the end.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Character intro - Valerie

Time for character intros. This is basically when I introduce main characters and provide some information about them, just to get an idea of who they are. I'll include their character concept references in the posts.

Starting off with Val tonight:

Full name: Valerie "Val" Waters
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Species/Race: Werewolf of the Water element
Place of birth: Algoma Town
Ever since she started school, Val never appreciated having to hide her true form day after day from the humans of Algoma. Her human peers were often curious of the strange markings that her and her brother had, and would at times pick on her for it. Valerie would often get into confrontations and fights, and just never seemed to fit the image expected of her as part of a human society. After losing her parents, she soon grew hostile towards humans in general, and began believing that werewolves should always stand up to them. She always feels empathy for anyone who she perceives to have been oppressed or walked on, and will usually stand up for them as well.

As Val grew older she also grew a stubborn and persistent attitude. She rarely takes orders from anyone, with the possible exception of her older brother Vincent and the other members of her pack, who she exhibits unconditional loyalty to. She has a difficult time trusting anyone who isn’t extremely close to her, and is often suspicious of strangers. She somehow managed to become best friends with Max despite their nearly opposite outlooks on things.

Whenever she gets into any type of fight, she always refuses to give up regardless of how battered she gets or how little of a chance she stands. This often leads to her getting injured very frequently. Despite her recklessness and short temper, she can actually be pretty tactful when she needs to be.

Valerie is an adventurous young werewolf, confident and always thinking she can take on anything. She likes to explore and discover new exiting things. Unfortunately, she tends to bite off more than she can chew, at times requiring Vincent to bail her out. The only thing Val doesn’t like exploring are caverns, possibly because of her claustrophobia, although her proud nature prevents her from admitting that she’s afraid of anything.

That's all for Val, next post will be Max!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Story Synopsis

I figured that now I should get to the gist of things and post a synopsis for the story itself. I don't think many people would be that interested in something if they're totally clueless about all aspects of the plot. So I'm going to give you a somewhat detailed synopsis, including the first chapter's basic back story, and then lead that up to an introduction to the main current plot and my characters. So here you go.

Shifted Spirits takes place in a world that still runs itself by sovereign cities. The main setting is a forested mountainous region close to a shore, called Miakoda. There are two civilizations on either side. One is a somewhat small town called Algoma. Algoma's people mostly understand the importance of respecting and embracing nature rather than trying to fight it. The other is a city called Empor, which runs itself in a more totalitarian-like fashion. Empor used to be the original home of the people of Algoma, but it was conquered long ago, forcing the survivors to found the new town of Algoma.

The legend of the werewolves says that the creatures were created by an Algoma native after the natives were pushed off their former land. Three angry and vengeful natives were said to summon a large group of wolves, paint markings on them, and then wait for nightfall. Under the full moon, he sent the wolves to bite anyone from Empor that they saw venture into the wilderness, and they would do this every night that the moon was out, until the wolves were killed by Empor hunters.

This was said to have a strange effect on the city. The people who were bitten didn't appear to suffer any additional side-effects other than the bites themselves. However, any children they had in the future would be born as werewolves, identifiable with distinct markings on their skin and hair/fur.

Once werewolves were being born, and as they went through their first transformations, the city began to take notice of the strange creatures taking over their city. The people noticed that everyone who had been seen transforming into a wolf had strange markings on them, which made werewolves easy to identify. Anyone with an unusual hair color or skin marking was immediately ostracized. The people were fearful, and began considering werewolves to be menacing monsters. Eventually, they were all banished.

While some of the human relatives of werewolves abandoned all ties with them, some remained close and refused to sever their bonds. As a result, many humans left the city with the banished werewolves.

Werewolves that left the city without any humans were able to live like regular wolves in the wilderness. The werewolves that had human family or friends with them, however, could not, without being separated from them. Luckily, the found Algoma. Algoma didn't seem to have any knowledge of werewolves, at least not as anything more than myth and legend. They didn't seem to recognize their markings, either. The werewolves saw this as a solution, and the they thought that if they just kept their real forms a secret, they could live in peace with their human family members.

Generations later, the two civilizations both manage to survive, but with a great deal of conflict.

The two towns have to share resources, but Empor officials have been known to go against agreements and steal from Algoma. There are even rumors that Empor wishes to conquer and ransack Algoma, just as they did to their original land. However, mysterious forces of nature seem to protect Algoma and the surrounding wilderness that keeps Empor from getting too powerful and keeps Algoma from falling.

Many hunters of Empor claim that werewolves are the culprit, while people of Algoma generally claim that werewolves are nothing but a myth. Their disagreement often leads to further conflict, since only Empor seems to suffer any losses from the forces they believe are werewolves.

As it turns out, werewolves are indeed the ones giving Algoma extra protection. Werewolves have protected Algoma ever since they arrived. They know that if Algoma fell, they'd lose a large barrier keeping Empor from stripping away all of Miakoda's forests. The werewolves would also be left with nowhere to go, and would die out. Some werewolves also bonded with a few humans of Algoma, causing them to feel attached and obligated to protect them.

The only werewolves that seem to be left in present day are all within a single small pack that live in the same home together. They go on nightly runs through the wilderness, patrolling around Algoma's territory for any suspicious activity. Usually by night, the werewolves discreetly thwart attempts by Empor to hog resources from the wilderness or steal from Algoma. They've also been known to care for injured or abandoned wolf pups and raise them to be healthy, then train them to live in the wilderness in a pack of their own later on.

However, a group of hunters in Empor believe strongly in the existence of werewolves as a reality. They're lead by an over-zealous young man, determined to eradicate the werewolves from existence so that Empor can more easily manipulate Algoma, eventually dominating it, taking it over, and then proceed to take over the entire region.

Eventually, the hunters and the werewolves meet face-to-face, causing an escalated clash, not only between them, but between the two towns as well. A wolf pack in the region also gets caught up in the situation, causing additional strain. Now, the werewolves have to continue to protect Algoma, the wilderness, and its creatures, while also fighting for their own lives.

All of this will be revealed in the story itself one way or another. This is just a synopsis of it so you can get a good idea of the plot.

Next to come: Character introductions!
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